Battle of the Burgers 2012

Posted: 8th September 2012 Written by Kevin Bacon in Battle of the Burgers

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Who Won Battle of The Burgers?

Battle of the Burgers Directions, Hours, and Restaurants  

851 Virginia Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30306 
Saturday, September 8th
12:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

This year’s Battle of the Burgers was the third annual charity¬†5K Race / “Burger War” held in John Howell Park of Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands. This event strives to raise funds for the Embraced Foundation, ”¬†Embraced¬†is a 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide assistive mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.) to individuals in need” (, 2012).
After a month of anticipation, it was finally September 8th; a day that would change the Burger Game for Swiss and I forever. While reviewing the list of 16 competitors, we were enamored by names like¬†Taco Mac, Grindhouse, and US Cafe.¬†At $25 a ticket, or $60 for unlimited beer as well, hordes of burger¬†connoisseurs scavenged the closed-off Virginia Avenue for unlimited sliders. Taking place after the 5k marathon, we were surrounded with camaraderie and mouthwatering delicacies that Saturday afternoon. The street was lined parallel with 8 vendors/competitors at each face; while some tents were bigger than others (depending on the businesses’ monetary donation), each caravan was equipped with grills and generous staff.
Emaciated at the myriad of choices, Swiss and I knew we had to pace ourselves. Initially we scarfed each slider down with glee, but the vast amount of bread quickly became more than fulfilling. The routine then changed to “Two Bites, Trash.” Nevertheless, some venues we just could not put down; we were guilty of “seconds!”many a time. Although the event was a site to see in itself, the variations of the classic hamburger were, oh, so inviting.

Not in any particular order, there are plenty of honorable mentions we must tend to.

Burger Collage Grindhouse featured a simple delicate selection of Premium Angus, Bell Pepper, Tomato, and Rosemary Garlic Aioli. As one of the least decorated sandwiches, we were so impressed by the quality of their Angus, we knew we had to visit there soon. According to popular rumor, The Nook¬†won “Best Veggie Burger” with their Black Bean creation topped with Fried Plantain¬†and drenched in a Pineapple-Mango, Green Chili, Salsa. I would like to emphasize how gorgeous their presentation was; nonetheless, my inner man could not muster the thought of Black Bean rather than Beef (it’s a texture thing). Importantly, I must mention they were the only “Veggie” selection at the event, so I question the merit of their award.

As residents of Austell, Swiss and I are US Cafe locals; however, what they brought to the competition was more than unexpected. Sweeter than the thought of an unlimited burger-fest in Atlanta, US Cafe’s Brown Sugar, Pecan Topped Biscuit provided the day’s dessert; their Peach Cobbler Onion Relish was noteworthy.

According to an article on, Googie Burger was crowned that day for their  Pretzel-Bunned creation; complete with Cilantro Slaw, Pommery Mustard, Cola Glazed Onions, Red Dragon Cheese, and a Crispy Pickle Chip.

Battle of the Burgers Winning Burger

Taco Mac Wins


Taco Mac BurgerThe real luster behind this event is not who wins; but rather, your ability to vote for your favorite establishment. Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about my pick for the Best Burger in Atlanta that day. Unanimously, Swiss and I choose our first, and last, burger as our Number One Pick. Upon our arrival to the event, Taco Mac was the first tent we arrived at. Strategically placed, it seems Taco Mac has a recipe for crowd attention. As the only venue with “attractive” personnel, we were more than compelled to try “The Bacon Cheddar.”

Prime Burger | Smoked Bacon Bun | Chef’s Garden Tomato Jam | Caramelized Onion | Aged Cheddar

This simple innovation has such a succulent, memorable, taste; we deemed it hunger, but we realized there was just “something” about that burger. As a non-menu item, we hope to see it added at every Taco Mac soon. With an unforgettable day behind them, Kevin Bacon and Big Swiss voted for Taco Mac at the Battle of the Burgers 2012 – Atlanta.

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