Battle of the Burgers 2013

Posted: 18th October 2013 Written by Kevin Bacon in Battle of the Burgers

Battle of the Burgers | Atlanta, GA

“In year number four, it shows signs of becoming one of the Biggest Burger Battles in the Southeast; what better place to start than Atlanta, Georgia.”
– Chef Ben Vaughn

Battle of the Burgers Directions, Restaurants, & Hours
851 Virginia Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30306 
Saturday, October 12th
11:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.

The succeeding video will acquaint readers with the humanitarian undertakings of the Embraced Foundation.

(, 2013)

When it comes to effortless participation in your friendly neighborhood charity, few occasions can oppose Unlimited Burgers from your capital’s finest establishments. If you’re still a stranger to this event, add it to next year’s itinerary. Trust me, nothing tops off a perfect autumn Saturday like Philanthropy.

World Food Championships

This being our second pursuance, Swiss & I anticipated the smoke-clad street littered with candidates eager to nourish the burger-shaped burden within us all. The stakes were high; unbeknownst to most, the 2013 winner brought home the title of “Best Burger in Atlanta,” as well as an opportunity to compete in the World Burger Championship. Two deserving tickets were bestowed upon Taco Mac (People’s Choice) and Cypress Street Pint & Plate (Judge’s Vote).

Smoke n' Goat Burger by Taco Mac

Taco Mac

“Smoke n’ Goat” Description: Smoked Brisket & Ground Beef contrivance; locally grown, Creamy “Capra Gia” Goat Cheese from Carrollton GA; House-made BBQ Sauce; Fried Vidalia Onion; and Baby Arugula. Drawing form last year’s remanence, I was keen on their new entry. “Good from Far, but Far from Good,” I (Kevin Bacon) was not pleased with this medley and a little “peeved” at their winnings. Swiss however, loved this Goat snack and went back for, what I belive to be, “Thirds!”? Contradicting my own vindictive account, Taco Mac was more prepared than the competition; id est, they continued to grill out morsels till close, where as all other contestants exhausted their supplies mid-day. Possibly a fabrication, I believe they won the people’s vote due to longevity; it seems they studied the “endurance chapter” from the preceding 5k Race.

Cypress Street's Sublime Burger

Cypress Street

“Sublime Doughnut Burger” Description: Half Pound Burger, Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Bacon, and two Sublime (sinful) Doughnuts garnished with a Pickle. Don’t adjust your resolution, this is real; pop a Tums®, grab your gloves and tell your stomach, “we can talk about this later.” The term “Messy” would be a distortion and a glimpse of this jewel will not do it justice. Taken from Chef Ben Vaughn’s mouth, “a doughnut cannot be an adequate vessel for a burger”; well, I think we were both surprised at the collusive nature of Cypress Street’s Key Ingredient. Admittedly, Sweet & Salty has always been my Kryptonite: what fitter ambassador than Meats & Sweets. I shoveled the delicacy into my mouth as time was of the essence. The warm grease that spewed between my teeth (soon to be cavitations) was subdued by the supple glaze of the pastry. The mass of meat smothering that lower dunker begot a syrupy tincture worthy of a plate lick. When a drop was caught in my beard, I was grateful, rather than embarrassed. Had it fallen to the asphalt below, I would have disgraced the Dough-Burger’s Lore. Washed down with an ounce of Vanilla Bock Brew from Frozen Pints, there’s no wonder why Cypress Street was one of the first attractions that “ran out.”

| Notable, Good & Bad |

Battle of the Burgers 2013 Contestants

Corner Tavern – The Carpetbagger

  • Burger Stuffed with Bleu (Blue) Cheese, PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) Battered, Deep Fried & Dipped in Buffalo Sauce
  • – Undeniably Interesting and certainly “a cow in chicken’s clothing
  • – ‘Twas missing that “KFC-style Crunch” needed to set this Breaded Burger apart from the rest
  • – If we’re going Buffalo, I want herbaceous twang; not subtle orange condiment
  • – “Throw some [Cheese] on that Yo!” ~ Despite what your mother told you, it’s not what’s on the inside that counts

Bone Lick BBQ – Sex on a Very Little Bun

  • [Two Patties], Bacon-Truffle Cheese Whiz, Baby Arugula, Caviar, Roasted Garlic Aioli
  • – A picture is worth one thousand reasons not to eat this [what’s the opposite of a hamburger?]
  • – I called them later in the week for more information: he described their attempt as “for Sh!ts & Giggles”; funny, that coincides with the phrase “Sh!t Show” my friend used to describe it
  • – Those “patties” I added to the description; tough, chewy, Sausage-Like Areolae
  • – Kraft Cheez Whiz® on a Saltine ≥ an Oral Insult topped with Sexual Innuendos

The Nook – 4-Cheese Lasagna Stuffed Burger

  • Meatball’d Lasagna Squares patted down, smothered in Marinara Sauce, & sprinkled with Shredded Mozzarella
  • – The “Noodled Middle” returns little flavor, but rivals the nostalgic feeling of finding prizes in your Cracker Jacks®
  • – What upset me the most was how little they pursued this Italian departure from the norm
  • – Give it to me on a Garlic Knot | Douse it in Parmesan | Wrap it in a noodle, not vice versa
  • – Go Big, or Go Home! This could have easily stole the competition (for me anyway)

The best advice I have for next year and the restaurants above, is best put by Ben Vaughn:

“I think simple sums it up. You wanna see great technique, clean ingredients, and clean flavors as well: over complicated (masked) is no good. So we’re looking for great food, done well”

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