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Posted: 10th October 2012 Written by Kevin Bacon in Beef that Didn't Make the Cut, Famous Atlanta Burger Joints

Bocado Exterior Sign, Atlanta


The illuminated, groovy, architecture was very calming; an overwhelming feeling of success just dinning at Bocado.


Our service was lacking; we waited for our Check longer than it took to finish our Sandwiches.

Other Thoughts:

They only have one burger; you would think an establishment voted for Best Burger 2010, by Creative Loafing,
would be more of a “Burger Joint”.

Bocado Burger

| American Cheese, House-Made Pickles $8.3/4 |
(add…  fries 1.3/4, herb fries 2.1/2)

After seeing this locale mentioned by Creative Loafing, and hearing it described as, “easily the most delicious burger that I’ve tried in Atlanta. Perhaps anywhere“, Swiss and I set out to taste such a generous proclamation (David Eckoff, 2007).

A little hard to find amongst the myriad of attractions encapsulating it, we walked to Bocado from a Parking Deck about a block away. From the outside, the white brick serves as a blank canvas for their fashionable insignia. Entering the building, one becomes humbled by their chic layout, rivaling that of Flip Burger. The retro, yet modern interior serves as a medium of tranquility, at least for me.

In our pursuit for such burgers like Bocado’s, Swiss and I notice many of these venues carry an extensive, mouth-watering, selection of Alcohol; Bocado is no exception. Notably, we choose to drink water as we judge; we do not want to skew our taste buds, nor our train of thought. On that note, we wonder if any of these “Atlanta Burger Critics” drink on the job; we ascertain their opinions to be obscure, if not purchased. Where am I going with this? Well, one popular blogger ranks the Bocado Burger Stack over competitors like Flip Burger, Grindhouse, Farm and Yeah! Burger. It must have been that “Tuesday evenings after 5PM, Bocado Burger Stack and draft beer for $12” deal he mentions that swayed his decision (David Eckoff, 2007).
Bocado Wine Wall

Bocado Atlanta Phone Number, Directions, Menu, and Hours:

887 Howell Mill Road #2, Atlanta, GA 30318 | 404.815.1399

Monday – Friday
11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m. (intermission) 5:30p.m. to No Official Time
5:30p.m. to No Official Time

With Utmost Respect, their dish is good; however, it can simply be described as, “Fancy Burger King” (Big Swiss, 2012). We pay homage to the double-pattied blend of house-made short rib, brisket, and grass-fed beef; adding, they nestle this prime chuck between a Holeman & Finch Bun. Specifically, I would like to remark on this coveted slice of bread; Swiss and I came across this complement at Battle of the Burgers, but it was another sort of H&M Bun. Regardless, I do not see all the rave; the Bun tastes like Bread, nothing more and no reason for the accreditation.

No matter our perspective on this meal, this restaurant definitely has other unique dishes with admirable presentation, as well as a proprietary feel that only their style and design can offer. For the sake of argument, I would love to relax and dine on their breathtaking outer deck, but only if I was trying a different menu item.

Digressing, we both got their Burger; no need for specificity, they only have one. Culling the Herb Fries, our selection looked as such:
Bocado Burger PictureLet’s save the worst for last; the fries were great, I normally hate seasoning but this herb laced side was a perfect escape from the modestly flavored stack and pickles. The plated arrangement was appealing, I was a tad upset that the menu’s description served no justice. Pleased with the unexpected Bacon, I loathed the white, creamy, Mayonnaise above the bottom bun; again, I HATE WHITE SAUCES & CONDIMENTS. A white surprise is seldom appropriate, inner monologue. As for the meat, there was obviously great expectations for this fabrication; the bun, plain and seeded; the meat, orthodox; pickles, two of them; bacon, always a pleasure; fries, saved the dish.
Where is the Best Burger in Atlanta? I still do not know, but I am well aware it does not reside at Bocado. This combo was good, however, they have other menu items far superior to this featured plate; for $11.1/4 (their pricing aesthetic is unnerving), there are more feasible options in the City.
  1. Tyson Zecca says:

    I love your site, I live in Atlanta and I am always looking for a great burger joint. Keep up the good reviews.

    P.S Have you guys been to GrindHouse Killer Burgers? Best Burgers in ATL in my opinion.

  2. Rosendo League says:

    When are you guys going to do the Top 10? I really want to see your list? I cannot believe Anns snack bar is not your number 1. They are ranked nationally, You really think Flip Burger is better?

  3. Dwight Howard says:

    Didn’t that Guy David Eckoff rank this place #1??? Do You Think He Was Paid to do so?

    It’s Amazing the things People will Pay for Nowadays

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