Follow that Burger

Written by Kevin Bacon

Here is a map of our Current Burger Victories.

Follow us in real-time through Twitter and on Our Burger Map to see which restaurant we will be reviewing next in our quest to find the Best Burger in Atlanta.

Big Swiss and Kevin Bacon Were Here!

View Best Burgers Atlanta in a larger map

  1. Edward Norton says:

    That Burger Looks Superb, Great Pictures

  2. Heinz Onit says:

    Long as there is Ketchup available I’m down to dine!

  3. Heinz Onit says:

    go to the Dwarf… where else can u eat cow at a Chick-fil-A?

  4. Meet the Judges says:

    […] The truth is they shroud themselves in secrecy, so they can unmask the Best Burger in Atlanta. Follow That Burger to see which restaurant will be reviewed […]

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